Bili Mission

Bili Mission

The Bili Project Foundation’s mission is to reduce the incidence and improve the outcome of  Hepatobiliary cancers, which are cancers of the liver, gallbladder or bile ducts (Cholangiocarcinoma). We promote research to identify early signs and symptoms as well as treatment options for this silent, fast acting group of cancers.


The Bili Project Foundation has already fulfilled its first goal in launching the new arm of gastrointestinal oncology research at UCSF by creating a tissue tumor bank to advance methods of early detection, treatments and cures of Hepatobiliary cancers. Help us as we continue to work towards meeting our goals.

  • Maintain the UCSF tissue tumor bank, which will facilitate UCSF’s and other collaborating institutions’ ongoing research of Hepatobiliary cancers.
  • Provide an online portal for ongoing education about risk/symptoms of Hepatobiliary cancers.
  • Raise awareness and support of Hepatobiliary cancers.