UCSF Tumor Bank

HBTBThe implementation of the UCSF Tumor Bank is complete, but we still need your help!  Currently, as of February 92017, there are 322 patients with banked samples in the UCSF Hepatobiliary Tissue Tumor Bank. The Foundation believes that the ongoing maintenance of such a bank, specifically for Hepatobiliary tumors, will significantly enhance the ability to accurately diagnose and treat patients with these deadly diseases.  Since the launch of UCSF’s Hepatobiliary Tissue Tumor Bank in August of 2012, the UCSF physician scientists have partnered with interdisciplinary physician colleagues at UCSF as well as at premier institutions across the country in order to develop and conduct impactful research on Hepatobiliary tumors.  These premier institutions include Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Mayo Clinic, UCLA, USC, Baylor, MD Anderson Cancer Center, Northwestern, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, Sanofi, Oregon Health & Science University, Vanderbilt, Oregon State University, Sheba University – Israel and The Cancer Genome Atlas.

In fact, the specimens maintained in the UCSF Hepatobiliary Tissue Tumor Bank have been made available to these partners for approved research protocols and for collaborative efforts among scientists conducting studies on Hepatobiliary cancers.  Our vision is to enable the UCSF physician scientists, and in collaboration with other promising investigators nationally and globally, to utilize the UCSF’s Hepatobiliary Tissue Tumor Bank to conduct meaningful research to identify markers for early diagnosis, treatments and cures of Hepatobiliary cancers.  Such a bank will provide the groundwork for the physician scientists to accomplish these leading-edge research outcomes.

The Bili Project Foundation has assembled an All-Star research team from the UCSF Medical Center to advance our understanding, detection, treatments and cures of Hepatobiliary cancers. Alan P. Venook, MD, is a nationally renowned expert in gastrointestinal cancers. Robert Kerlan, MD has extensive clinical experience in the management of liver disease, including biliary disease, portal hypertension and hepatic malignancy. Robin K. (“Katie”) Kelley, MD, is an American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) Young Investigator Award winner and Gastrointestinal Cancers Symposium ASCO Foundation Merit Award winner and was chief resident in medicine during her residency; she has been designated as project lead.