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Happy Holidays!


The Bili Project Loses Two Amazing People

Andrea_RichThe Bili Project Foundation is sad to make this update. It has been a rough two months!

We lost two amazing people to hepatobiliary cancer – Andrea Scott and Rick Babich. Both Andrea and Rick were Bili supporters and attended our fundraising Gala on August 3rd. They were both in good spirits and shared their story with us very candidly at the event.

Andrea was a mom, a daughter and a wife, who only wanted to set a good example for her boys. She was diagnosed with intrapathetic cholangiocarcinoma in April of 2013 and died in November 2014.

Rick was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in May 2014. Rick shared that one day he just started to feel lethargic and had no desire to go to the gym. As the days went by, his energy level dropped even more and he started to lose his appetite. At that point he decided to check things out. The first doctor told him: “Your labs are fine, see you next year.” Dissatisfied, he consulted a second doctor. This doctor had him see a urologist to do an ultrasound and then followed up with a CT scan. The CT scan revealed an inoperable, untreatable, pancreatic cancer.

Both Rich and Andrea were friends of the foundation and we are deeply saddened by this loss.
Please join us in sending condolences to their families.